Our Vision

New York City is among the few destinations in the world where dining and entertainment fuse into a mesmerizing tapestry of authentic tastes, top-tier hospitality and memorable experiences, for some... There are countless venues that electrify NYC’s dining landscape that never sit a table empty. Now when it comes to securing a table at your favorite hotspot on Friday night for that special birthday, romantic date, or closing dinner, you’ve probably encountered inconvenient hurdles. The answer… ACCESS. We are here to transform and optimize the ability to book the hottest reservations in The Big Apple, with a curated approach where community, diversity and character are celebrated.

What We Offer

Our offering is an unprecedented opportunity to join an exclusive, membership-based community, granting you the ability to effortlessly secure coveted tables, at desirable times, with a simple tap. Our promise is to deliver a high-touch service that seamlessly elevates your NYC dining and entertainment experience.

The Access Way

Our team has crafted a groundbreaking model that benefits individuals, corporations, and restaurant venues alike, addressing long-standing challenges with innovation and revolutionizing legacy-processes. If you’re ready to unlock a world of exclusive dining experiences and uncover additional information about our membership, simply complete our application, and our team will be in touch shortly.

Join Us

Join us in redefining the hospitality landscape by integrating cutting-edge solutions that cater to discerning individuals and businesses. Apply now to be part of an exclusive community that prioritizes innovation and premium dining experiences.

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